Wake Up! Waltz Production Team

Creative team for Wake Up! Waltz Chicago including Curmudgeon Group, Josie Elizabeth Davis, Katherine Hill, Garrett Kling, and more.  

Our Team

Curmudgeon Group is a creative strategy and production company specializing in the ideation, strategic planning, and execution of experience driven impact branded campaigns.  Our mission is producing purpose through the superior production of unconventional, high-impact creative work.  

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Instead of dreaming of pirouettes and point shoes, Katherine Hill grew up perfecting double salchows and camel spins. She began figure skating at the age of two and spent her childhood jumping and spinning on ice.  After national and international competitive stints, these jumps and spins quickly translated to the stage.  Katherine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Communication Studies from Northwestern University where she had the privilege of studying under esteemed choreographers Billy Siegenfeld, Laura Wade, Jeff Hancock, and Molly Shannahan, as well as the drum and dance ensemble, Be The Groove.  She currently works to meld her dance and theater studies with figure skating to choreograph for regional, sectional, and national competitors.  In addition, she performs with American Ice Theater and many independent dance and skating artists. 


Stephanie Martinez is an award-winning Chicago dance artist with over 30 years professional performing experience. Her 2009 choreographic debut, AviMar, for Luna Negra Dance Theatre’s 10th anniversary season, instantly secured her status as a sought-after dancemaker. She has since traveled the country as a master teacher and professional choreographer, setting works on dance companies and university departments, in addition to a slew of reputable ensembles local to her native Chicago.

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Garrett Kling is a Minneapolis native who grew up as a competitive figure skater.  After reaching the national level, he now skates professionally with Chicago's American Ice Theater and Ice Theater of New York.  Trained in ballet and modern dance, Garrett choreographs for figure skating and dance throughout the Chicagoland area.  He holds a rating in choreography with the Professional Skaters Association and graduated in May 2012 from American Ice Theatre's Master Choreography Techniques, an advanced certified training program.  He has choreographed for national and international skating competitors, produced ice show productions in Chicago, and assists workshops on choreography and stylization around the country.      

Media Production

Dance & Design Production

Cinematography: Wander and Roam Media; Alison Quigley
Press Relations: Jennifer Gordon PR
Social Media:  Gatz Optimize
Website/Logo: The Moonrose Agency; Curmudgeon Group
Print Design: The Moonrose Agency; Curmudgeon Group
Print Production: Sommers & Fahrenbach; M3 Printing
Photography: Betty Udesen

Project Managers (NYC):  Carla Jean Mayer, Paul Christiano
Dance Company (Chicago): Aerica Siegel, Alia Simon, Callie Croom, Dylan Roth, Joanna Paul, Nicky Hilsen, Victoria Romba, Kristi Mosbey, Tami Whatcott, Samantha Rodarte, Krista Juderjahn, Katy Kowalski, Lara Mercurio, Helen Gay, Roxanne McIntyre
Costume Design (Chicago):  Sadie Monroe, Claire Henry
Host Dance Company (Chicago): Joel Hall Dancers & Center, Chicago's Destination for Dance